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About the owners

Sandy and Galen


Tel: 979-248-8257

Windy Escape was purchased in December 2016 by the present owners and has been meticulously furnished and decorated with YOU in mind!  


The owners recently retired and had been looking for vacation property in Texas for a few years and discovered that they were thinking more and more about their previous vacation stays in Surfside Beach and how much they enjoyed it. 

Both owners have lived in the area most of their lives and always took regular “day trips” to the beach.  In 2008, they decided to rent a beach house for the first time even though Surfside Beach was very close to home.  


It was a game changer!!!  It was so nice to go to the beach and not have to drive home full of sand and salt just to take a shower.  


They woke up to fabulous sunrises and view breathtaking sunsets in the evening.  They slept better than ever and even inquired about the type of mattress so they could purchase one just like it.


 The owner’s response?

“It’s not the mattress, honey."

So, welcome to our beach house.  

Enjoy and “See you at the beach”!

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